General Product News

General Product News

See some of the new developments taking place with our products. Many of these developments are the result of our commitment and dedication to provide you the best possible experience when eating our products.  We strive to work and create alliances with the best and most talented individuals and groups in our industry so we can stay at the forefront and keep bringing an exceptional product.



Ruby Bay Salmon Jerky Launches New Website

Acme's family brand, Ruby Bay, Launches an ecommerce website for the salmon jerky product line. This is the first ecommerce site that Acme has launched offering all three jerky varieties Teriyaki, Peppered, and Orange Ginger. Consumers can now shop online for this premium healthy snack available nationwide.

New Acme Packaging Refinement 2013

Acme Smoked Salmon packs are refined for 2013 to reflect the company's commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction. The Acme Smoked Salmon package design melds legacy with innovation. The Company is pleased to bring back the most popular features of its classic smoked salmon packaging. The evolution melds the most loved features of Acme's 2012 package design with familiar aspects valued in its classic original. The refinement comes in response to strong demand from Acme's long-term, loyal customers.

New Acme Packages 2012

The new Acme Smoked Salmon packages have been re-designed to provide benefits to you and the environment.

  • All salmon packs now contain feature recipes created by Melissa Vaughan, the author of "The New Brooklyn Cookbook".
  • The size of all salmon packs has been reduced to minimize the impact to the environment.
  • The lighter color of the packages was carefully selected to help consumers spot the product on the shelf more easily. Most other smoked salmon packs on the shelf are usually black or use darker colors.
Capital New York

Following whitefish, the appetizing staple, from the Great Lakes to Greenpoint's Gen Street smoker.

By Jamie Feldmar. "The ritual of Sunday-morning bagels and smoked fish is deeply etched into the consciousness of many a New Yorker. The lute of the appetizing shop, or, more commonly, the bagel store, is familiar: whole sides of ruby-colored smoked salmon, tubs of floppy pickled herring, a platter of gold-skinned whitefish, head and tail attached. It's a nostalgic....."

Seafood International

The Best New Products of 2011

"This new spread melds lightly cured, wild caught mahi-mahi with a sweet and spicy blend of jalapeños, sweet relish, fine spices and mayonnaise. Acme's handcrafted spread is becoming increansingly more popular throughout the foodservice industry, bringing a taste of the tropics to many restaurants, bars, and........"

Harvard Heart Letter

Does smoked fish contain omega-3?

By Thomas Lee, M.D. "Q. I like smoked salmon and kippered herring, and thought that eating them was good for me. But I read in another health newsletter that the smoking process destroys all the heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Is that true? A. I thought your question would be an easy one to answer. That didn't turn out to be the...... "

Green Tea and Smoked Salmon

Producing the finest and freshest smoked fish products is more than our steadfast commitment to you; it is an ongoing challenge to redefine the best practices in our industry, practices that we have helped establish throughout the years. Back in 2007, Acme announced the introduction of natural Green Tea to our line of smoked salmon prodcuts. Today, we continue to see the great benefits of nature with our smoked salmon.

  • Green tea helps to reduce the rate of Fatty Acid oxidation in salmon.  Generally, fish oils are extremely unstable and can oxidize very easily when exposed to light and oxygen.
  • Many of the off-flavors found on fish are the result of rancid fats (oxidized fats). Green tea has proven to help protect the taste of our delicate smoked salmon.