Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specific

  1. A.  The Acme products are a traditional line of smoked fish and herring products which employ the curing and smoking methods that have been part of our recipe for generations.  This includes items that many families have enjoyed during family gathering, special celebrations, and around the holidays. The Blue Hill Bay line is the all-natural line of smoked fish and herring that are produced employing European curing and smoking techniques. Blue Hill Bay products also include a diverse selection of wild-caught smoked salmon products. The Ruby Bay brand is most recent addition to the Acme family of brands. This brand blends traditional and innovative techniques to deliver new and innovative flavors and products. 

  2. A: Eating smoked fish by itself is always delicious, but there are hundreds of ways that smoked fish and herring can also be enjoyed. Take a look at our great and easy to follow recipes to get some more ideas.


  1. A. All of our smoked fish products are kosher except sturgeon.

  2. A:  A fish must contain scales, bones, and fins in order to be Kosher. For more information about Kosher standards, please visit our Kosher and Quality Standards section.

Nutritional, Product Specific

  1. A. Blue Hill Bay Whitefish Spread and Blue Hill Bay Baked Salmon Spread are made with mayonnaise, which may contain preservatives.

Storage & Handling

  1. A. When serving smoked fish, do not allow it to remain at room temperature (for example, as part of a buffet) for more than three hours.

  2. A. Once opened, fresh and vacuum-packaged smoked fish should be consumed within 5 days. The shelf life of un-opened, vacuum-packaged smoked fish varies.  It is always best to consume before 'best by' date marked on package.  Smoked salmon packs can be stored FROZEN for extended shelf life for a few months and when removed from the freezer should be placed in refrigerator during the thawing process.  Smoked fish, because it is a ready-to-eat food, should not be stored with raw food products.

  3. A. Fresh and vacuum-packaged cold smoked salmon can be frozen for a few months. Re-freezing smoked fish a second time is not recommended, as it adversely affects the quality of the product including deteriorating color, moisture and texture.  Frozen smoked salmon should be thawed in a refrigerator at 40ºF or below.  We have drafted some important recommendations when freezing smoked fish.  Please visit the  Do-It-Yourself section for more information.


  1. A. Acme, Blue Hill Bay, or Ruby Bay products are available at supermarkets, delis, gourmet and specialty stores nationwide, as well as through several catalog and on-line retailers. For the store nearest you, please go to the section “Where to buy” on this web site.